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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Halperin, E., Kretchner, M. Hirsch-Hoefler, S., & Elad-Strenger, J., (in press). The Affective Gap: A Call for a Comprehensive Examination of the Discrete Emotions Underlying Affective Polarization. Cognition and Emotion.


Elad-Strenger, J., & Kessler, T. (2024). The role of misrecognition in driving support for right-wing populism. American Behavioral Scientist. Preprint  Journal link

Elad-Strenger, J., Ben-Shitrit, L., & Hirsch-Hoefler, S. (2024). Mainstreaming Democratic Backsliding: The Role of Gender Stereotypes. European Journal of Political Research. View

Elad-Strenger, J. (2023). Collective Action and Heroic Self-Distinction. In Scott T.  Allison, James K. Beggan, & George R. Goethals (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Heroism Studies, Springer. View


Elad-Strenger, J., Goldenberg, A., Saguy, T., & Halperin, E. (2023). How our ideological out-group shapes our emotional response to our shared socio-political reality. British Journal of Social Psychology.  View

Aronson, O., Elad-Strenger, J., Kessler, T. & Feldman, Y. (2022). Does Personalization of  Officeholders Undermine the Legitimacy of the Office? On Perceptions of Objectivity in Legal Decision-Making. Regulation and Governance, 17, 833-850. View


Elad-Strenger, J.Reifen-Tagar, M. , Kessler, T., Hasson, Y., Shulman, D., Brahms, K., &

Halperin, E. (2022). Out of sight, out of mind: The emotional determinant of “harmful inaction”  intergroup conflict. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 101, 104-304. View

Elad-Strenger, J. & Kessler, T. (2022). Psychological and actual group formation: conflict is neither necessary nor sufficient. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 45, e105. View

Ben-Shitrit, L., Elad-Strenger, J.*, & Hirsch-Hoefler, S. (2021). “Pinkwashing”  the Radical-Right: Gender and the mainstreaming of radical-right policies and actions. European Journal of Political Research, 1(1), 86-110. View

* Authors contributed equally to this work and are listed in alphabetical order

Elad-Strenger, J., Hall., B. J., & Hobfoll, S. E., & Canetti, D. (2020).  Explaining Public Support for Violence against Politicians during Conflict: Evidence from a Panel Study in Israel. Journal of Peace Research, 58, 417-432. View


Elad-Strenger, J., Proch, J., & Kessler, T. (2019). Is disgust a conservative emotion? Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,  46(6), 896-912. View

Elad-Strenger, J., Halperin, E, & Saguy, T. (2019). Facilitating Hope among the Hopeless: The Role of Ideology and Moral Content in Shaping Reactions to Internal Criticism in the Context of Intractable Conflict. Social Science Quarterly, 100, 2425-2444. View


Proch, J., Elad-Strenger, J.*, & Kessler, T. (2018). Liberalism and conservatism,

for a change!: Rethinking the ssociation between political orientation and relation to societal change. Political Psychology, 40, 877-903. View

* Proch and Elad-Strenger share first authorship on this paper


Canetti, D., Hirschberger, G., Rapaport, R., Elad-Strenger, J., Ein-Dor, T., Rosenzveig, S., Pyszczynski, T., & Hobfoll, S. (2018). Collective Trauma From the Lab to the Real World: The Effects of the Holocaust on Contemporary Israeli Political Cognitions. Political Psychology, 39, 3-21. View


Ben-Shitrit, L., Elad-Strenger, J.*, & Hirsch-Hoefler, S. (2017). Gender Differences in Support for Direct and Indirect Political Aggression in the Context of Protracted Conflict. Journal of Peace Research, 54, 733-747. View

* Authors contributed equally to this work and are listed in alphabetical order


Elad-Strenger, J., & Shahar, G. (2017). Revisiting the Effects of Societal Threat

Perceptions on Conflict-Related Political Positions: A Three-Wave Study. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 62, 1753-1783. View


Elad-Strenger, J. (2016). Activism as a Heroic Quest for Symbolic Immortality: An  Existential Perspective on Collective Action. Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 4, 44-65. View


Canetti, D., Elad-Strenger, J., Lavi, I., Guy, D., & Bar-Tal, D. (2015). Exposure to violence, ethos of conflict, and support for compromise: Surveys in Israel, East  Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 61(1), 84-113. View


Elad-Strenger, J. & Mintz, A. (2015). Political Psychology. In Mazzoleni, G. (Ed.) The International Encyclopedia of Political Communication. Wiley-Blackwell (p. 1-10). View


Doron, G., Szepsenwol, O., Elad-Strenger, J., Hargil, E., & Bogoslavsky., B. (2013).  Entity Perceptions of  Morality and Character are Associated with Obsessive Compulsive Phenomena. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 32, 733-752. View


Elad-Strenger, J. (2013). Changing Minds: A Psychodynamic Interpretation of Kuhnian Paradigm Change. Review of General Psychology, 17, 40-52. View


Elad-Strenger, J., Fireman, Z., Schiller, M., Besser, A., & Shahar, G. (2013). Risk-resilience Dynamics of Ideological Factors in Distress After the Evacuation from Gush Katif. International Journal of Stress Management, 20, 57-75. View


Shahar, G., Elad-Strenger, J., & Henrich, C. C. (2012). Risky resilience and resilient risk: The key role of intentionality in an emerging dialectic. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 31, 618-640. View


Elad-Strenger, J., & Littman-Ovadia, H. (2012). The contribution of counselor-client working alliance to career exploration.  Journal of Career Assessment, 20, 140-153. View

Book Reviews (in peer-reviewed journals)

Elad-Strenger, J. (2013). “Man is by nature a political animal: Evolution, Biology and Politics” By Hatemi, P. & McDermott, R. (Eds.). (Chicago: University of Chicago ). Political Psychology, 24, 935-937. View

Non-refereed Publications (in peer-reviewed journals) 


Eagle, M. N., Elad-Strenger, J., & Shahar, G. (2022). Carlo Strenger: Embracing internal contradictions. Psychoanalytic Psychology39(1), 1-14. View

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